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Hi there! 👋 We run a popular social media app 📱, but we've been getting more complaints recently about "the algorithm" which plays an important role in what people see and experience.

People don't understand what the algorithm is, why it shows them certain things, and think it might be contributing to bigger problems in the world.

To make our app better, we built a simulation to test our algorithm's logic, explain how it works, and seek your input.


Thank you for playing!

While your feed in this game was largely harmless, the impact of algorithms is very real. Instead of a very feed, people can fall down rabbit holes of increasingly harmful content.

In reality, algorithmic feeds are not only influenced by your actions; technology companies also decide what type of behavior to favor and content to show (and not show) based on financial and political incentives.

To learn more about responsible recommender systems and how to join the conversation, check out our resources section.